Felicia (project in progress)

Felicia – a people’s car produced by Škoda Auto company. It was premiered in 1994 as a replacement of an older Favorit model.

I have a very personal relationship with this one because it was introduced when I was starting to perceive the world around me, and I remember it caused a complete revolution at the time. Felicia became a part of our lives and gradually started to fill the parking spots in residential areas. Everyone had it. Our family was no different.

I still remember going to pick up our Felicia LXi in royal blue with my father. The shop assistant who was also our neighbor went for a test drive with us and as my father was filling up the car she asked me how I liked it.

Over the years, Felicia kept evolving and appeared in many different varieties during its existence. It was a favorite choice for families in a sedan or combi version, as well as for many businessmen in the 90s. They even went for the rare pickup version.

Years went by and after many facelifts Felicia disappeared from the company’s offer. It was replaced by a newer model called Fabia, but this one didn’t mean as much to me as Felicia did. These pictures are being taken in the present day when Felicias are harder and harder to come across.

Felicia 1Felicia 2Felicia 3Felicia 4Felicia Pristav 2Felicia 6Felicia 7

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